The Benefits of the Covenant People

The Benefits of the Covenant People

Deut 28:1-13; 2 Peter 2:1-11,

Today i want to share on the covent benefits to the people of God called Israelites.

  • The brevity of celebration in life prompts;
  • Dependency upon God at the sight of a need
  • The miracle performing staff.
  • The desert walk with God.
  • The scarcity of the basic provisions: security, water and food.
  • The miracle water from the rock.
  • The promise of healing- and divine presence,
  • The divine relocation from Mara to Elim.
  • The abundant provisions at Elim- refreshing water, shade, comfort, life;

Lessons: why problems?

The World’s devastating problem today :

1, sin– influence of evil in human affair

2, sufferingspoverty and disease

3, death– eternal punishment .

  1. They are God’s ordained– divine set ups.
  2. Trials reveal our inadequacy and bring us to the sufficiency of Christ,
  3. Trials take us to our knees: strengthen faith.
  4. They come with a purpose– to shape and fashion us to the plan of God.
  5. They are but for a season– they don’t last long

They make us realize that:

  • Life Is A Mixture
  • Life Has A Master
  • Life Has A Ministry
  • God Is Aware Of Our Needs
  • God Is Able To Meet Our Need
  • God is Always with Us.

Illus: pastors child jig-saw puzzle to Align with God: Have Jesus in the right place.


His Promises are yeah and AMEN:

  • Presence
  • Provisions
  • Protection
  • Power- over unknowns:

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