“As the wave of revival rages across this nation and within the entire church,Nairobi synod shall seek to take lead in the connexional pursuit to re establish and participate in the great commission.We have proposed to plant a chain of churches across the synod and more specifically focusing on the city and its environs.I wish to set out the following work plan that forms part of my dream for next four years.If asked where I would like to see the synod in 2019, my answer would be,I would want to see an empowered and more focused youth,a vibrant and growing children ministry, a better equipped and highly motivated pastoral team,a wealthier and self supporting synod.

More to that I would want to see spiritually healthy churches doing exploits for the lord-doubled,proactive and united membership.I would like to see more collaborating mission partners united in the mission enterprise.Therefore,to realize the above we shall undertake the following activities.”

        –Bishop Paul Matumbi

Short Term Goals

  1. To grow our membership into spiritually grounded christians we shall engage in the study of the world of God
  2. Seek to enhance member-member integration through cell group fellowship
  3. Create a synod mission trust fund to support outreach work both within and across the connexion
  4. Empower christians to do mission work to double the membership from existing numbers through evangelism.
  5. Empower the pastors and their families (spouses) to be more effective in the ministry.

Long Term Goals

  1. Establish a township church within Nairobi city to minister to the needs of the members within the cbd district.
  2. To seek to deepen the faith of our members through embracing the wesleyan devotional tradition that encourages; prayer, fasting and mid-week services in all our churches.We are exploring possibilities of securing a plot to establish a synod prayer retreat center and Bishops residence:
  3. Enhance the children’s ministry and the youth by employing a synod coordinator and establish a resource center to empower these programs.
  4. Embark in New church planting in the following areas within the next four years: